ATS GT Deserves its $ million price tag

11/09/2017 01:28:37
 ATS GT Deserves its $ million price tag
When a new supercar out there comes with a $million price tag we can not do anything but be skeptical after all many have tried to be the new Ferrari before

When a new supercar out there comes with a $ million price tag we can not do anything but be skeptical, after all many have tried to be the new Ferrari before and claimed big things, but no one remembers them today. But in the case of the new ATS GT one cannot help thinking here’s something.



Part of that could be because of the brand itself. Dating back to the 60s, the Italian firm was set up by a bunch of ex-Ferrari engineers and technicians. Now that is always a good starting point. But the resurrected model does not rely solely on the merits of its ancestors,namely the ATS 2500 GTS. It’s a bloody good supercar in its own right with the looks and power and exclusivity to back up the name.



Limited to just 12 units, each priced at €1,150,000, the ATS GT features gullwing doors with touch sensors instead of handles, red and gold stripes, a very neat aero kit with pronounced diffusers and spoilers, forged aluminium wheels (20” front, 21” rear), and plenty of carbon fiber inside. The minimalist design of the cabin is an homage to the racing machines the GT tries to emulate. So you get ultra-thin digital Cluster TFT screen, surrounded by an aluminium frame, and the central touchscreen for managing all the other functions including various suspension and powertrain modes.



But the meat of the package is the bi-turbo V8 engine with either 650 or 700 bhp output. The motor features dry-sump lubrication like a racing car and, in the fastest mode, can propel the ATS GT from 0 to 60 mpg in 3 seconds flat and on to a top speed of 206 mph. The 1,300 kg speed machine also boasts a mechanical differential and 7-speed box for maximum fun around track, and of course a sonorus Italian exhaust system is also present.


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